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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


To provide solutions to temporary power needs on a global scale and be recognized as a company who deliver reliable, tailored solutions to meet the customers' requirements, coupled with outstanding service from a dedicated and professional team of personnel. We always aim to provide our staff with continual training and development in order to bring out the best in them and provide a sustainable future for all.


We consider each customer's requirements on an individual basis, providing site survey through to handover, ensuring we deliver excellent service and support throughout. We take pride in our equipment and ensure it operates to maximum efficiency and without environmental impact. We maintain our tools and equipment’s to the highest standard.


Deliver a tailored solution to all customers Build and maintain long term relationships with customers Safety is integral in any project, processes and people Staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable Innovation is an ongoing process Cechin has built its reputation upon its Values and operate within our business. We understands the importance of these Values and we strive to ensure that these principles are constantly applied across our business.

Our story

At Celchin, we provide temporal and permanent power solutions to industries, oil & gas companies, utilities, construction sites, estates, events, crusade, local and regional power grids. No matter the size of your project, we can help you manage your power needs. The state of your equipment is irrelevant and we are always gald to work in inhouse engineers to make sure there is no lacuna in service. Whatever your power needs are, we can deploy on short notice to handle the challenge, such as power plant, or as a disaster relief to eliminate blackout and sustain a reliable power supply.

The Celchin power fleet includes gas and diesel generators with a capacity of 10kVA to 2000kVA.We ensure your industries, Manufactures, Companies, hotels, office, retail or housing development, Estates, remains useable, rentable and saleable, no matter the climate. We offer dedicated IPP solutions to estates and residential housing.
Celchin power intelligent solutions enable clients in a wide variety of industries to focus on running their core business operations while Celchin makes the necessary investments, operates, and maintains key services, seamlessly taking care of all of the power generation aspects. We work closely with our end-customers to decide which fuel type, equipment manufacturer, and technology will provide the best solution for each project. You run your business, we power it.

At Celchin, we can Combine the benefits of multiple energy technologies onsite to help businesses run a site as a smart grid, to generate and store their own electricity for financial & Sustainability benefits by offering a solar energy solutions.
We help companies generate breakthrough ideas and commercialize innovation and growth solutions on a global scale. When you have a serious power project that needs to be completed, look no further than Celchin Power Solutions. You will be sure to get the most cost effective and reliable solution to carry out your project successfully & on time. Our services are all available 24/7.

Our integrated approach includes planning, engineering, procuring, owning, operating, and maintaining the full power generation infrastructure, including its fuel needs in case that is beneficial to our end-client.
In a situation where you need a power house, or one of the parts of your generator has malfunctioned or been damaged completely, the best choice is to always contact Celchin, for a quick and reliable solution on whatever your need.

Our company relies on the ability of several supply chain partners and a large stock of frequently requested products to be able to deliver even the rarest parts in the smallest timeframe possible.

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