Logistics Services

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Logistics Services

Celchin Nigeria Limited is supplier of third part logistics, for generator spare parts, Filters, Electrical and Mechanical accessories. Celchin has set the industry standard for service and quality in the industries logistics. Celchin is a provider of third-party logistics services, handling goods inwards (including imported containers that require MAF certification to unseal), warehousing, and goods outwards services. Generator parts, Suppliers of filters, Spare parts, accessories, cables, connectors, power supplies and electrical finished products – primarily to the generator repair technician who is Celchin’s main customer. When the repair technician services a customer’s generator or electrical equipment’s, after establishing what is wrong, he orders a part from Celchin. Staff takes the order, pick the stock from the warehouse, and dispatch it to the customer, by same-day or overnight delivery. Celchin provides logistic support and distributes parts for the Warehouse, Inventory Store and on site emergency response. Celchin now supplies, gas engines Spark plugs, cables, Filters, distribution systems, Lubricants, generator spare parts both minor and major components, wholesalers and the general public throughout Nigeria and across the country.

Other Services Offered

Value added services, we bring you all the equipment, parts and services you need anywhere in the country, day or night we are prepare to make sure your power challenges do not affect your work, business or comfort.

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