Rentals, Sales & Support

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Rentals, Sales & Support

We offer a wide selection of diesel and gas generators in a wide selection of sizes both open and canopied and from a range of manufacturers to help you find the solution for your requirements. If you can’t see the right generator please let us get in touch and our team will help you find what your need.

Generator Installation Options

Open Sets – If there is no soundproofing and therefore there are high noise levels, these are usually installed in a dedicated room with noise attenuation built into the air inlet/outlet openings.

Canopied Sets – The generator is enclosed within an acoustic weatherproof canopy and can be installed outside or inside.

Containerized – larger generator systems and projects that have a low noise level requirements. Containers are acoustically lined and weatherproof, these are usually installed outside.

Bespoke – We can custom build solutions to meet your requirements, for more information or to discuss a project please get in touch.

Automatic or Manual – which you choose depends on your requirements, if there is a need for instant power in the event of a power cut then an automatic system is required. The automatic transfer panel allows fully automated power back up system to operate without human involvement, with the generator starting and providing power within seconds of a power failure. The system is then monitored and will change back to mains power once this has been restored and is stable. This system helps to eliminates blackout in your offices, premises, industries, companies, estates, residential, event, shopping hall, etc.

Fuel tanks – We can supply and install fuel tanks or produce custom built tanks to meet your requirements. All our tanks comply with fuel storage regulations.


Other Installation Services

We install cable in trench, duct and all forms of cable containment. Cable installations range from fibre optic through to large CSA power cables. No cable is too large or too small. We are therefore able to offer the following services, in the knowledge that the work will be completed to the highest standards:
•Project management
•Metering & instrumentation
•LV/HV underground cabling
•Transformer installation testing and commissioning up to 33kV
•Earthing system design and installation
•Power Generation projects design, installation, testing and commissioning, including land fill gas electrical systems and waste water treatment works
•Soil resistivity/earth testing to determine earth system design
•Protection system design, installation, testing and commissioning
•Generation projects design, installation, testing and commissioning, including land fill gas electrical systems and waste water treatment works.
•Provision of HV certified personnel to carry out switching, testing and commissioning of new and existing networks
•High voltage cable fault location and repair work •Low voltage switchgear installation and maintenance
•High voltage switchgear installation and maintenance

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